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How to write a conclusion essay

To know how to write a conclusion one must be aware that regardless of what type of essay is being written, whether it be a persuasive essay, a photo essay or any other category, a concluding paragraph should always be incorporated to finalise the text.

A conclusion brings a sense of closure and finality to a text. The concluding paragraph is very closely related to the introduction of an essay in the sense that it reinforces what has been discussed in the essay. Just as a teacher or lecturer will state the learning objectives at the outset of a lesson, and subsequently deliver a plenary at the end, then to know how to write a conclusion, the writer exhibits similar idea in writing. A conclusion which leaves the reader with a pleasing close can often lead to a higher score because a more satisfying end has been reached.

To know how to write a conclusion, one must be careful to avoid including an idea which doesn’t appear anywhere else in the essay. One useful tip is to start writing the main body of the text and then write the introduction and conclusion at the end. In this way, you can carefully read what you have written and make a chronological list of the main themes you have covered. If you find a brilliant idea for your essay comes to mind as you write your conclusion, make a note of it and then incorporate it into the main body of writing when you have finished.

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Writing a conclusion essay

Reiterate what you have discussed by merging ideas together in way that verifies and underpins your argument and tie-in the conclusion with your introduction. If you consider that, in the introduction, you have ‘suggested’ various points, then your conclusion must be emphatic in the way it underlines your success in proving those points.

To know how to write a conclusion, one must use language which is uncompromising in its delivery. It must have such air of authority that its stance is irreproachable. To achieve this, try to use an authoritative voice. An example of this would be beginning a sentence with: ‘It has now become clear that...’ or ‘Without doubt, the case has been proven for...’ Unless specifically requested, never write in first person narrative using the word ‘I’ as this is outside the usual convention of essay writing.

To make your conclusion sound academically accomplished, avoid using phrases which use the word conclusion or conclude such as: ‘In conclusion then..’ or ‘To conclude...’ but rather use constructive language which sounds absolute and proficient. For example, ‘A clear link has therefore emerged with Frankenstein’s monster and the Industrial revolution’

To know how to write an outstanding conclusion one must finalise the essay with a sentence that has impact and lasting effect on the reader. This can often be achieved by re-stating a viewpoint which you feel has been clearly proved or by ending with a powerful quote which echoes and agrees with the main thrust of your argument.

Writing a conclusion essay does not have to be difficult!

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