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How to write a 5 paragraph essay

To know how to write a five paragraph essay one must be aware that, in literary terms, this is the closest you will get to using a formulaic approach to writing. If the formula and rules regarding what should be included in each of the five paragraphs is maintained, then the process of essay writing becomes a much more logical way of communicating to the reader. When the presentation of material in this way has been learned, the essay flows in a more natural, and essentially predictable manner, in which the reader is sure of what information will be covered.

The first part of the formula is our introductory paragraph which should clearly establish the main focus of the essay. The writer should make the subject sound as appealing as possible and this is often most effectively achieved in the first sentence. Remember, as in all writing forms, the target reader is of paramount importance.

Writing a 5 paragraph essay

Having introduced the main topic, it is then necessary to include three main themes which support the case that you are arguing. It is customary to decide which of your three points is the best evidence for your argument and use that as your second paragraph. Then use your second and third strongest points in your third and fourth paragraphs. In this structured way you are, establishing a kind of ‘essay plan’ where the reader will know what to expect as he works through the thesis.

To know how to write a five paragraph essay one must be careful to include only one main idea or argument in the second, third and fourth paragraphs. This eliminates the possibility of confusing the reader with an unorganised presentation of evidence. Sticking to the chronological format you created in your introduction makes the essay flow and much easier to read.

To know how to write a five paragraph essay, it is important to demonstrate that each one of the three areas has equal significance. An intelligent use of ‘transitional’ words to seamlessly connect one paragraph smoothly to the next will create such an effect. Words such as ‘Moreover’, ‘additionally’ and ‘conversely’ will accomplish such a transition. It is recommended that a list of these transitions is developed for future use. As well as a valuable tool, such a list reduces the possibility of the repetition of transitional words which can make the writer appear amateurish.

The fifth paragraph, the conclusion, must produce closure and to know how to write a five paragraph essay, you should leave the reader doubtless that your argument is proven. You have the opportunity to harness all the main points you have made and to cement their credibility. Phrases such as ‘I have shown that...’ will facilitate this. To know how to write a five paragraph essay one must make the writer’s argument appear infallible. Conclude with a final sentence which leaves the reader certain of your stance. This is often effectively done with a concluding quote which firmly validates your position.

Writing a 5 paragraph essay does not have to be difficult!

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