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If you would like to earn some extra money to support your education why not become our affiliate? In partnership with Pay4sales.com we offer an opportunity for essay resellers to generate serious revenue based on sales commissions. We provide all the necessary web tools for affiliates to begin and manage their own advertising campaigns and sell high quality custom essay writing and marking services.

We offer the following:

- 15% commission on all sales

- Our average order is between £200 - £400

- Cookies are kept for 1 month

- 2nd tier 10 % commissions for lifetime

Example of earnings potential:

- 1 average sale per day earns you £45

- £45 x 30 days earns you £1350 per month!

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Affiliate Program F.A.Q.

Question: How do I add banners or other advertising media to my webpage?

Answer: After you log in to your affiliate account click on the 'Banner Linking Code' link in the top menu. Choose the media you want to use in the submenu. You may choose between image banners, flash banners, or text links. Find the banner you would like to use and choose the product you want to advertise in the drop down menu. Copy the code of the banner you wish to use. Open your webpage in editing software like Dreamweaver and paste the code where you want the banner to appear on your webpage. Save the document and upload it via FTP to your server.

Question: How do I get links to advertise the affiliate program and get affiliates under 2nd tier?

Answer: After you log in to your affiliate account click on the 'Banner Linking Code' link in the top menu. Choose 'Invite second Tier Affiliate' link in the submenu. Copy the code and paste it on your website.

Question: What is a 2nd tier affiliate?

Answer: It is a referral program. What it means is that if you advertise our affiliate program and someone signs up and becomes a user we will pay you commission of all his/her sales. We offer 10% of the user's sales commission for Lifetime. You can have unlimited number of affiliates in 2nd tier. Example: If the 2nd tier affiliate earns 100 in commission we will pay you 10 simply because you have referred him/her to our program.

Question: May I use my affiliate links in PPC networks

Answer: Yes. To do that simply use your affiliate link embedded in the linking code of banners and text links. It should be similar to this: http://www.pay4sales.com/pro/affiliate/affiliate.php?id=13&group=1 Use this link as the landing page for your PPC ad.

Question: May I use my own banners?

Answer: Yes. You can use banners of your own design, but please make sure to include your affiliate link so we can track your sales.

Question: How much money can I earn with your affiliate program?

Answer: Our average order is anywhere between 200 and 400. You get a wopping 15% commission. With only 1 order a day you can make 1800 per month. If you get other affiliates in 2nd tier you can add 10% commission of their sales to that monthly figure. That is 10% for each affiliate in 2tier!

Question: How do I get paid?

Answer: There is a minimum of 100 earnings requirement before payments can be issued and 10 orders minimum. At present we offer 2 payment options: Paypal and Bank Transfer. Bank transfer fees apply and will be substracted from the affiliate's account.

Question: How long is my affilate link valid?

Answer: Your affiliate link is valid for 1 month, based on browser cookies.

Example: If we get a visitor from your affiliate link and then this visitor returns to the website within one month by other means and makes a purchase you will still be awarded the commission. We do not guarantee this to be always for the period of 1 month because if a user clears his/her browser cookies in the meantime your affiliate link will also be deleted. By default cookies are kept in browser's memory until they expire but some users may choose to clear their cookies manually.

Question: Does it cost anything to join your affiliate program?

Answer: No, it is absolutely free!

Question: How many of your products can I advertise on a single website?

Answer: As many as you like. Unlike other affiliate companies we do not impose limitations of use.

Question: Is selling custom essays legal?

Answer: Of course it is, otherwise we would not be doing it! We sell custom essays as additional reference for students to help them write their own essays. We can not be responsible for misuse and we do not condone plagiarism.

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