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List UK Colleges and Universities offering English Literature programmes and degrees

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We've compiled a list of UK colleges and universities that offer the finest English Literature courses and degrees.

Sometimes, choosing a course can be difficult. Should you pick what you enjoy, or what you’re good at? It’s great when both are the same, but for those who don’t enjoy that luxury, it can be a complicated process.

So, you choose the course, and then the institution causes problems. Do you choose it for the modules or the course as a whole? What about if you want to study an odd mix of modules? The choices can be endless. To help you out, if you decide to study English Literature we’ve taken some of the burden.

Below, you'll find a comprehensive list all the UK colleges and universities that offer great English Literature courses and degrees. Plus, we've done the hard work and found all of their contact details and the courses that they offer.

UK universities offering English Literature

Index : A : B : C : D : G : K : L : M : O : Q : R : S : T : U

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