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Below you will find free English essays that have been written by students who wanted to share their knowledge. We've been given permission to publish these essays online. We upload new English essays every day so keep checking this page for new titles.

Writing in Contemporary Education and Society
The Holocaust
Dylan Thomas’ Play Under Milk Wood
Angela Carter's Wise Children
Research Methods
Theme of Isolation
Aesthetic and Decadent Writing
Language Play in Literature
Class in Harry Potter Novels
American Psycho
Poetry must get its hands dirty?
Gulliver's Travels and the Witches
The Great Gatsby and the American Dream
Americans' View of Freedom
British Romanticism
The Superiority of Moral Worth over Physical Charms
Abraham Lincoln
The Emergence of Modern Day Horror
Edward Said’s Book Orientalism
The Island Of Doctor Moreau
The Nature of Drama
A Critical Study of Hecatommithi
John Donne's Poem To His Mistress Going to Bed
Robert Frost’s Poem Mowing
The Hitchcock Movie of Rebecca
Arthur Miller's The Crucible
Kill Bill Hides a Male Adolescent Taste for Violence
The Riddle Of The Sands
The Work of W.B. Yeats
Victorian Sexuality in Literature
Miscegenation in Novels
New Modes of Poetic Discourse
Embodiment in African Literature
History of English; The Media and English
Aristotelian Notions of Tragedy
Horror Presented In Birdsong
Lanzman's Film Shoah
The Superiority of Moral Worth over Physical Charms
Stephen Crane's Maggie - Girl of The Streets
Representing Femininity
Jack Kerouac: The King of the Beats
The Functions of Language for Children
Manhood and Womanhood in First World War
Treatment of Escapism in Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan
Inspection Copy of the New Headway
Madame Bovary
Science Fiction
Film Review of Clockwork Orange
Romantic Literature
Her Husband by Ted Hughes
The Issues of Race in William Shakespeare's Plays
Frankenstein and Great Expectations Considered Gothic Novels
Compare and Contrast Antigone and King Lear
Homoeroticism and Aestheticism
In The Forest by Edna O’Brien
17th Century Drama
Femininity in George Bernard Shaw's Pygmalion
Edgar Allen Poe The Murders in the Rue Morgue
Charles Dickens Bleak House
George Bernard Shaw and Jean Rhys
Edith Wharton's House Of Mirth
John Donne's Poem To His Mistress Going To Bed
Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein
Positive and Negative Effects on Regions Developed for Tourism
The Second World War
Song of Solomon
Victorian Death
Virginia Woolf’s novel To the Lighthouse
19th Century Writing; Literature and Historical Change
Shakespeare’s Anthony and Cleopatra
Tragedy and Silence in Beckett’s Endgame and Bond’s Lear
Dilemmas in Shakespeare's Macbeth and Titus Andronicus
Kazuo Ishiguro and Jane Austin
Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing
Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Handmaid's Tale
The Presentation of Violence
Raskolnikov Produces a Corpse but no Real Motive
Can Advertising Influence the Way We Live Our Life?
Consumer Behaviour in the Automotive Industry in the UK
An Investigation into the Buying Behaviour
Effectiveness of Direct Mail on the Cigarette Vending Industry
Consumer Behaviour

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